The Metamorphosis Of Pregnancy


I feel like this is a big question and the question that was asked a-lot from me over was how has pregnancy shifted my business? And, oh, I have a lot to share on this.

The first thing that I will share, is that pregnancy doesn’t just shift your business. It shifts you. No one could have prepared me for how much I would change personally through pregnancy and what a metamorphosis the whole experience would be. I feel like I’ve been on the most intense death and rebirth journey that I’ve probably ever experienced in my life, and if you told me that beforehand, I probably would’ve been quite scared of pregnancy.

I probably would’ve thought I like my life. I am not ready to go through this death and rebirth process. And that’s really true. I was obsessed with the life I created before I got pregnant. But what I would say is through this metamorphosis, through this process, it’s definitely shed away some of the things that didn’t matter anywhere near as much as I thought they did. Some of the things that actually weren’t in the greatest alignment for me, and I really feel like a truer version of myself has emerged and that then feeds through to my business. My business needs to reflect that truer version of myself.

So how has pregnancy shifted my business? There’s a couple of things that I’m gonna cover, and the first place I’m gonna begin is actually super practical, because if you run your own business or you work for yourself and you are pregnant, there’s some really practical things that need to be thought about in terms of how you’re gonna structure your business, how you’re going to proceed through your pregnancy and the birth of that child.

Honoring yourself whilst also honoring your business. I decided I didn’t want to close down my business through my pregnancy or through the subsequent birth of my child. For me, it was a question of not only honoring what felt true for me, but actually really honoring the women who had committed to being on this journey with me.

The other focus that became really important when I got pregnant and in terms of shifting my business, Wasn’t actually a shift that I created for my pregnancy.It was a shift that I’d already been creating. Now, something I’d noticed in the coaching world was this big focus on, I did this $ month, I did this $ month, and I will hold my hands up I have celebrated some of those incredible results in my own business and in my client’s businesses. You know, if my client hits a 50 K month, you bet I’m on Instagram talking about that.

However, the caveat, I think sometimes we can get caught up in these Instagram headlines and we think that big cash months are the only thing that’s sexy in business. The thing that I find sexy in business is monthly recurring revenue and here’s why.

First of all, I feel like when you focus purely just on big cash months, you are constantly on this rollercoaster. You are like, oh my God, I did a 100k this month, and then you’re at zero the next month. When you have monthly recurring revenue, you start the month being like, cool, I’m already on a 25 K month. I don’t even need to make a sale this month. And everything just relaxes in your system. And I think the other thing that then happens is you create offerings from a place of alignment and magnetism. I think it also allows for you to be in that fully magnetic energy.

Pregnancy is a catalyst, but these things apply in your business regardless if you are pregnant or not.

So the second thing was making sure that I was focusing on high caliber clients.

I didn’t want to be drawing in an energy of feeling disempowered, an energy of codependency.  I didn’t want to be drawing in clients who weren’t willing to take responsibility in their own journey. That didn’t feel good to me. That’s, that’s not felt good for a really long time. And I also don’t show up to that.

Number three,  I upheld higher levels of energetic standards and also my bullshit tolerance went down. What did this look like? This looked like raising my standards. This looked like less space for energetic leaks. This looked like a shift in what I was willing to hold space for.

So looking in your business and looking at your business from an energetic standpoint and saying, where energetically are there leaks in my business occurring? Where energetically are, are things happening? And what am I holding space for that I’m not willing to hold space for anymore? So a couple of examples of what this practically looked like for me.

Number four is about alignment. There were parts of what I was doing or creating that I genuinely thought was in alignment, but through the gift of this next level of metamorphosis and evolution, I could see that this wasn’t in alignment for this, this truer sense of myself, this truer version of myself.

And one of the big wake up calls that I had during this was actually I hadn’t been honoring my own growth. And what I mean by that is I grew my business incredibly quickly and we created exponential results in a really short amount of time.

My energy is different from when I was starting. My perspective is different from when I was starting and I think if I’m honest, I was trying to keep speaking to the past version of myself or what I thought my ideal client was, but my ideal client had shifted. And actually I was at a point now where the conversations that were really creating impact and lighting me up were really the ones that were speaking to leadership, the ones that were speaking to being a thought leader in the industry, the ones that were speaking to going beyond just the cash and creating, yes, abundance and wealth, but also deep, deep integrity impact.

And then the last one is boundaries. Now. If you’d asked me pre-pregnancy where I was with boundaries, I would’ve said I was pretty epic at them after going on a whole journey with them. And it’s really interesting because one of the things that I inevitably end up having a conversation with pretty much every client I work with is around boundaries, as in them enforcing boundaries in their own business.

I thought I had boundaries down. And I did, but I didn’t realize there was the next level I could go to. And what I realized was I was breaking my own boundaries.


I had to look more deeply at where I was breaking my own boundaries. Where was I saying I’m available on certain days?And just kind of bulldozing that. Where was I saying there’s certain avenues of communication And again, not honoring that.

And it really came down to this question of proximity as well, which is where am I creating deep levels or close levels of proximity in my containers. And where is there the offering of teachings, wisdom, things that are gonna help you grow exponentially, expand exponentially without proximity to my live energy, to my live coaching, to me, getting really into the your business, and I do this because it makes me excited.

I’m really enforcing those boundaries and I’m really excited to just honor this journey as it unfolds.


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June 21, 2023

Alexandria Wombwell-Povey



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