The Soulful Start-Up™

The Soulful Start-Up™ is the self study accelerator for women serious about successfully launching their serviced based business, and building the foundations for not just a business, but an Empire.



Most programs will focus on either the energetics/mindset OR the practical business wisdom.

The Soulful Start-Up™ combines both, because:

This Is Not An Ordinary Business Program.


Isn't it about time you stepped into your potential?

Isn't it about time you started to create a future that lit you up?

Isn't it about time you became the CEO and master of your own destiny whilst creating wild impact + abundance?

And for those serious about making sh*t happen... The Soulful Start-Up is the program that will help you start building the business of your DREAMS! If you’re a woman serious about successfully launching their serviced based business then this program is for you.

In the Soulful Start-up we build the foundations for not just a business, but an Empire. 


I’ve never been very good at blowing my own trumpet, but I’ve invested over £50k in my personal development and trainings, and can HONESTLY say this is THE most EPIC journey.

I’ve shared all you need to know to get those consistent £5k months AND BEYOND.

This is why previous Soulful Start-Up™ ladies have managed to increase their prices (& finally charge their worth), match their 9-5 salary and sell out workshops. 

"I would recommend The Soulful Start-Up to everyone!"

"Prior to The Soulful Start-Up I was looking to level up in my business. I have put myself out there on Instagram and grown my following in the process. I have run my 1st masterclass and even increased my pricing. I also learnt to keep going even when things feel slow."


"I could not have found a better coach.

You have a unique thirst for knowledge, and it is not only so that YOU can benefit, but you truly want to share this knowledge with others so that they too can grow. You are humble. You are loving. You truly are the light. Working with you is the greatest gift I have given to myself."


"After graduating TSS..

I have had my first 1k month and will be doubling that this month. Feeling pretty buzzed."

"I am loving this.

Having a clear plan now on where my vision and goals are is helping me create actions."

- Chelsea

"My biggest results were...

being fully booked April & May 121 with a June wait list, workshops consistently selling between 5-12 tickets, collaborations with others online, over doubled my IG following, asked to speak at a charity event."

Here's how it works...

A complete library of epic activations + over 100 trainings, including... 16 Ways to Sign Clients this Week, High Ticket Offerings, Magnetic Confidence, Nailing Your Niche, Instagram Bootcamp + Running Paid Masterclasses.

Quarterly live Q+A calls to get coached around your burning biz questions!

Self Care space including energetic sessions, breathwork and yoga. 

Epic facebook community group to meet your new soul sisters, collaborate and align on your vision together. 

6 Figure Launch Training + Resources (including webinar template)

Access to High Ticket Sales Mastery

The Fast Track to $5k Training


Claiming Your Dark Desire

Calling in Only Soulmate Clients

Befriending Resistance + Self Sabotage

Creating Viral Content Instagram Magic

Foolproof Your Way Out of Scarcity

Getting Over "I'm Not Good Enough"

Creating a Kickass Course

Sales Page Magic Sauce + Selling Without Sales Calls

Pleasure Money Meditation

Unapologetic Foreplay for Launching

Letting Yourself Be There Now

For the Love of Selling

Moon Cycles for Your Biz

Throat Chakra Clearing

Expressed AF + Your DM Voice

Decoding Objections

Feminine Mystery Entrepreneurship

Live Copy Audit

Luscious Launch List

Bedtime Affirmation Meditation

How to Manifest Anything You Want

Releasing Notifications to God

Releasing Notifications to God

Staying Aligned for Abundance

Energetic Integrity
A True Gift...

Releasing Your Resistance to Receive

Holding More + More Space in the World..

This program is perfectfor you if...

You're in it for the long haul baby.

YES you are ready for success, but you want to grow the most juicy, abundant business for years to come, not just a get rich quick scheme.

You're ready to go deeper than surface level strategy and actually master the skills in business that will keep you thriving for years to come.

You want to step into becoming a leader in the industry.

You want a network of aligned women to celebrate with + collaborate with. You want to be around women who act as expanders for you.

You desire the most juicy high ticket offering mapped out + ready to launch.

You want to master selling + actually enjoy the sales process.

You are ready for more. More life. More connection. More impact. More success.

You are ready for a life that ‘does not make sense' and you're ready to do the work to make it happen.

the course breakdown

Welcome to The Soulful Start Up 

Module 1

the modules

Intentions, Goals & Clarity 

Module 2


Module 3

$100k Mindset Reprogramming

Module 4

Nailing Your Niche 

Module 5


Module 6


Module 7

Mailing List 

Module 8

Money Manifestation

Module 9

Manifestation In Business

Module 10

Content & Instagram

Module 11


Module 12


Module 13

0-5k Rocket launch

Module 14

Guest Expert Sessions 

Module 15

Payment Plan

Paid In Full

one time payment of $1,997

get instant access

get all the bonuses

12 monthly payments of $177





the investment

You KNOW you can change lives.
You KNOW your product is epic.
You KNOW you're going to kill it as a coach.

BUT your current reality isn't yet reflecting that.

but why

I get it- one minute you're feeling like the biggest girl
boss ever.
The next you're wondering WHY clients aren't knocking down
your door to work with you.

this course?

I know it can be scary to back yourself- I have felt the exact same fear.

I remember pressing send on more money than I had to work with an epic coach and thinking "Oh SH*T WHAT have I just done?!"...But something DEEP within me was CALLING me to take this step.

 Is your soul calling YOU to step into your dreams?

You don't have to do it alone!

You will have my complete knowledge and guidance as well as an epic sisterhood of boss babes ready to cheer you on every damn step of the way!

This isn't about just investing in a program- it's about making a fundamental investment into you and your future.

I don't price based on hours, content, worksheets...any of that stuff. I price based on TRANSFORMATION and value because that's the sh*t that REALLY matters.

Honestly? The price of radically transforming your life/business is priceless. These are the tools that will allow you to not only. MATCH your current salary, but out earn it! 

My mission is to reignite the spark within thousands of women, to reconnect them with their true desires and make their dream life their reality.

I help women just like you move from feeling stuck, lost and overwhelmed to feeling aligned and motivated by a clear, ambitious vision. 

Trust me when I say I have BEEN there when it comes to starting businesses. I took my first product from my kitchen to a national brand (stocked in Ocado, Whole Foods, Selfridges and Holland & Barrett) within 12 months. But I also burnt myself out BIG time. 

When it came to launching my coaching business I was determined to do it differently. And that's how I developed my CALM method. Not only has it helped me enjoy creating a thriving business, but it has helped my 1:1 clients (which include fashion brands, homewear, coaches, tech founders and consultants).

Now it's time for YOU to experience building a business and ENJOY the journey.

Hey, I'm Alexandria!

Xo, Alexandria