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Hey Babes, 
I'm Alexandria

I’m a recovered perfectionist, breakdown survivor, corporate escapee and now, an empowerment coach and business mentor.


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I Help Ambitious Womxn Get
Soul-Aligned, Build Epic Businesses
and Achieve Their Goals With Ease

I Help Ambitious Womxn
Get Soul-Aligned, Build Epic Businesses & Achieve Their Goals With Ease

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Hey Babe!

I’m a recovered perfectionist, breakdown survivor, corporate escapee and now, an empowerment coach and business mentor.

I remember what it’s like to constantly give it your all, to hustle to climb the corporate ladder, and to strive to check the boxes on a long list of someone else’s perfect life plan. 

I used to feel lost, uninspired and frankly, quite stuck! I felt backed into a corner and wanting to escape, I vowed to change my reality… and I did.

Now I’m here to help YOU uplevel your life, embrace your potential and tap into your roaring Soul YES!

I'm Alexandria

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A total powerhouse! alex has both the strategic knowledge on building a business and also an amazing intuitive nature where she makes you feel supported every step of the way!

Supportive, energized, encouraging, positive knowledgeable

Supportive, expert, motivating, caring, empathetic, inspiring, bosse babe, Bad ass b*tch, super star

someone who leads from the front, as she practices what she preaches in her own successful business. she has an uncanny knack for spotting energy & mindset blocks and is great at guiding you through your tough spots in a non-judgemental manner. alex's support is compassionate but tough so you fel supported but held to account; a rare combination and a gem of a person!

a soul angel

knowledgeable, strong, kind coach and epic business woman

A total queen. my biggest cheerleader, and a real life, no bs inspiration to prove that Expansion and abundance is possible! she's the perfect balance of strategy and manifestation which i love

Totally inspirational, supportive and subject matter expert

approachable, supportive, very inspiring, wonderful mentor!



I would describe

You’re Here Because You’re Ready for the Next Step 

I believe the universe leads us to exactly where we are supposed to be, and I don’t take that lightly. You’re here because you know you want to get off the hamster wheel, but you’re not exactly sure how. 

What you’re looking for is clarity, alignment, abundance and your own version of soulful success. Maybe you want to start your own business and you need a roadmap on how to do that. Or perhaps you’ve already started and what you’re looking for is a sure fire way to way to hit 6-figures (a year or... a month) and finally level up.

The transformation you seek, the abundance you desire, the shift into your highest potential is all within reach, and dare I say easier than you may think.

I’m here to show you the way...

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LEAP Business Accelerator™

A 6 Month Business Accelerator that will re-code your mindset, raise your vibration + help you become a magnetic manifestor alongside founders school 101 with all the practical biz knowledge + digital marketing skills you need to help you quantum leap in your biz.

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Amplify your impact 

The Expansion Mastermind™ 

A Mastermind for your Business, as well as your Mind, Body & Soul. A 12 Month intimate container for ambitious female entrepreneurs, ready to expand their impact and abundance, whilst embodying harmony in their life.

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Fulfil your destiny 

Private VIP Coaching 

My one-on-one coaching is a sacred relationship we cultivate together over a period of 6 months or more. I invest my soul into these sessions and because of the intense nature of this work, I’m only open to take on a few new clients per year.

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Success Stories

"Working with Alex was the greatest gift I have given myself. Not just because I am finally clear on my dreams again and have the desire to go after them, but because she makes me want to be a better, more empowered woman. This journey has been so moving and she is a huge aspiration for me and what I want to be like."


"Alexandria‘s energy support and expertise has been totally invaluable. Over the past few months I’ve experienced major mindset moves, level up moments and abundance like never before"

-JULIET, soulful start-up GRADUATE

"Alexandria is a kind soul who genuinely wants to see people do well and be their biggest cheerleader. She’s filled to the brim with great ideas and can help you and your business grow. She helped me shift my mindset towards money, my business and the positive things it’s bringing me."

-JANCE, 1:1 client

time to stop hustling and start living the dream

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The Soul Yes podcast will help you up level your reality, take a leap of faith and live a life that feels like a full body Soul Yes.

the Soul Yes podcast with alexandria maria

Soulful Selling vs Old School Selling

Finding your own Truth  with Phoebe Greenacre

 Diving Deep into Human Design with Olivia Iasonos

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Soul Yes!


 stop hustling & start living the dream

the Soul Yes podcast
with alexandria maria

Take this quiz to uncover your entrepreneurial superpowers, discover what's keeping you stuck as well as how to maximize your potential & uplevel your impact!

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It's time to start living a life by design. 

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Hey Babes, 
I'm Alexandria

I’m a recovered perfectionist, breakdown survivor, corporate escapee and now, an empowerment coach and business mentor.

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