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Hey Babes, 
I'm Alexandria

I’m a recovered perfectionist, breakdown survivor, corporate escapee and now, an empowerment coach and business mentor.


Step into your potential

I Help Ambitious Womxn Get
Soul-Aligned, Build Epic Businesses
and Achieve Their Goals With Ease

I Help Ambitious Womxn
Get Soul-Aligned, Build Epic Businesses & Achieve Their Goals With Ease

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risk taker

empowerment coach

business mentor

dream chaser

Hey Babe!

I’m a recovered perfectionist, breakdown survivor, corporate escapee and now, an empowerment coach and business mentor.

I remember what it’s like to constantly give it your all, to hustle to climb the corporate ladder, and to strive to check the boxes on a long list of someone else’s perfect life plan. 

I used to feel lost, uninspired and frankly, quite stuck! I felt backed into a corner and wanting to escape, I vowed to change my reality… and I did.

Now I’m here to help YOU uplevel your life, embrace your potential and tap into your roaring Soul YES!

I'm Alexandria

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You’re Here Because You’re Ready for the Next Step 

I believe the universe leads us to exactly where we are supposed to be, and I don’t take that lightly. You’re here because you know you want to get off the hamster wheel, but you’re not exactly sure how. 

What you’re looking for is clarity, alignment, abundance and your own version of soulful success. Maybe you want to start your own business and you need a roadmap on how to do that. Or perhaps you’ve already started and what you’re looking for is a sure fire way to way to hit 6-figures (a year or... a month) and finally level up.

The transformation you seek, the abundance you desire, the shift into your highest potential is all within reach, and dare I say easier than you may think.

I’m here to show you the way...

Ready to Grow Beyond
Your Wildest Dreams?

the soulful start-up

Meet your soul sisters, level up together and unleash your soul success with the ultimate 12-week business building accelerator. In this group coaching environment I guide you from beginner to boss babe, earning 5k months and beyond! Specifically designed for women ready to unlock their infinite potential and live a life of aligned adventure. This course combines mindset, manifestation, as well as business strategy and practical business building guidance. 

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for soul sisters looking to start strong & scale big

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Success Stories

Working with Alex one on one set my business on fire! I got clear on my niche, upped my prices, signed clients and gained so much confidence which was the groundwork for even more success!

-pippa, 1:1 client

Amplify Your Impact & Tap Into Harmony & Abundance 

the expansion mastermind

Join the 6 month circle of ambitious female entrepreneurs coming together to make waves. This is for womxn with an existing business ready to level up, launch group offerings, and hit 6 figures in the next six months.

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for babes looking to level up & elevate their business

On Demand Transformational Coaching for Busy Babes 

the masterclass collection

The Masterclass Collection consists of a series of my most popular workshops designed to help you refine your methods, manifest your goals, revolutionize your money mindset, and claim all the good that’s destined to be yours.

Let go of the Fear & Fall Wildly In Love With Your Life 

find your soul yes

Not sure what to do next but not yet ready for a full-time coaching commitment? Find Your Soul Yes is the answer to your prayers. Get ready to experience the shift that comes with guidance, knowledge and support from myself and other epic Soul Sisters on the journey to success. 

coming soon!

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Success Stories

"Working with Alex was the greatest gift I have given myself. Not just because I am finally clear on my dreams again and have the desire to go after them, but because she makes me want to be a better, more empowered woman. This journey has been so moving and she is a huge aspiration for me and what I want to be like."


"Alexandria‘s energy support and expertise has been totally invaluable. Over the past few months I’ve experienced major mindset moves, level up moments and abundance like never before"

-JULIET, soulful start-up GRADUATE

"Alexandria is a kind soul who genuinely wants to see people do well and be their biggest cheerleader. She’s filled to the brim with great ideas and can help you and your business grow. She helped me shift my mindset towards money, my business and the positive things it’s bringing me."

-JANCE, 1:1 client

time to stop hustling and start living the dream

Find Your

The Soul Yes podcast will help you up level your reality, take a leap of faith and live a life that feels like a full body Soul Yes.

the Soul Yes podcast with alexandria maria

Soulful Selling vs Old School Selling

Finding your own Truth  with Phoebe Greenacre

 Diving Deep into Human Design with Olivia Iasonos

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Soul Yes!


 stop hustling & start living the dream

the Soul Yes podcast
with alexandria maria

Take this quiz to uncover your entrepreneurial superpowers, discover what's keeping you stuck as well as how to maximize your potential & uplevel your impact!

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What's Your Entrepreneurial Archetype?

Manifesting with The Moon Guide

Are you harnessing the power of the lunar cycle to manifest all of your desires? You should be! Download the guide and learn to align to the moons phases to release, receive, and manifest even more abundance into your life!

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Download your Free copy of the Daily Planner that helped me avoid procrastination and build my brand to 10k months. Get into the daily success habit of planning out your day and watch how this simple habit can increase your productivity. 


Are you ready?

It's time to start living a life by design. 

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Hey Babes, 
I'm Alexandria

I’m a recovered perfectionist, breakdown survivor, corporate escapee and now, an empowerment coach and business mentor.

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