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Let me put it bluntly babe, it’s time to get sh*t done. Right now you’re at a crossroad, on one side you see the yellow brick road to others’ definition of happiness. The other, although less travelled, clears through the biggest blocks that in the past have stopped you from manifesting what you truly desire. 

What will you choose?

You’re ready to move beyond the fear, stress and worry. Would you trust and

what if i told you that 

believe me?

Darling, I know where you are because I was you.

How I Found My Ikigai 

Like you, for years I ignored my calling, pushing through the work related red-flags and giving my 110% to every project I was involved in. But as the age old saying goes, “what you resist, persists” and my calling was incessantly pulling at me to ditch my hamster wheel, discover my true soul’s mission and move ahead in aligned action. 

Do you hear that call too?

Soul alignment looks so good on you!

Symptoms of Ease & Flow That You Should Expect When Working Together

You’re confident and ready to be seen & heard

You’re breaking through negative patterns that previously left you feeling disempowered and scared 

You're smashing your business goals and constantly reaching new levels of success

Your inner critic seems to have taken a chill pill lately 

You’re ready to speak your truth & feel hopeful about the future 

You’re calling in wild abundance that you've never experienced before

Your reality is looking better than your Pinterest board

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Take the LEAP into your Soulful Success

LEAP Business Accelerator™

A 6 Month Business Accelerator that will re-code your mindset, raise your vibration + help you become a magnetic manifestor alongside founders school 101 with all the practical biz knowledge + digital marketing skills you need to help you quantum leap in your biz.

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Amplify your impact 

The Expansion Mastermind™ 

A Mastermind for your Business, as well as your Mind, Body & Soul. A 12 Month intimate container for ambitious female entrepreneurs, ready to expand their impact and abundance, whilst embodying harmony in their life.

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Study at your own pace

The Masterclass Collection

The Masterclass Collection consists of a series of my most popular workshops designed to help you Refine your methods, realign to source and clearly demand what’s rightfully meant for you. 

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Find Strength in Numbers  

Find Your Soul Yes!

Not sure what to do next but not yet ready for a full-time coaching commitment? Find Your Soul Yes is the answer to your prayers. Get ready to experience the shift that comes with guidance, knowledge and support from myself and other epic Soul Sisters on the journey to success. 

I'm ready

Fulfil your destiny 

Private VIP Coaching 

My one-on-one coaching is a sacred relationship we cultivate together over a period of 6 months or more. I invest my soul into these sessions and because of the intense nature of this work, I’m only open to take on a few new clients per year.

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They All Said

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Soul Yes!

"Alexandria is an incredibly warm, caring and kind person her guidance is so personal and insightful and she creates such a safe space for discussion and self exploration her desire to help people is completely genuine I recommend Alexandria to anyone who is lacking a bit of direction in their life or has an idea of where they want to go but needs some support or guidance in getting there. Alex will help to see things with fresh eyes and lay out a plan that feels achievable rather than overwhelming."

1:1 coaching client


"Alexandria’s passion and commitment to helping others realize their potential is so evident – she spoke with confidence, intent and enthusiasm. I came away completely immersed in thought and curiosity – all thanks to her excellent coaching."



"the biggest change I have noticed since working with Alex has been being proactive with my goals, and being more optimistic about my future. I would recommend Alex to anyone who is feeling uncertain about creating a future for themselves, making a career or lifestyle change, or just needs to gain a little faith in themselves and the power they have inside"

1:1 coaching client



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Hey Babes, 
I'm Alexandria

I’m a recovered perfectionist, breakdown survivor, corporate escapee and now, an empowerment coach and business mentor.

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Expansion Mastermind

LEAP Business Accelerator

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Success Stories






Hey Babes, 
I'm Alexandria

I’m a recovered perfectionist, breakdown survivor, corporate escapee and now, an empowerment coach and business mentor.


The Expansion Mastermind

LEAP Business Accelerator

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