Uncover the Magic of Manifestation and radically up-level your life, clients and business!

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Are you tired of second-guessing yourself when it comes to transforming lives? Do you struggle to structure your 1:1 coaching sessions effectively?

Imagine being able to achieve next-level results for your clients and feeling confident doing so. It's time to experience your own transformation and become a master manifestor with the Crystal Codes Manifestation Coach Program.

Become a Crystal Codes Manifestation Coach

Through this training you get to embody the journey by experiencing it for yourself. You'll not only receive coaching but also gain direct coaching experience, leaving you with testimonials, confidence, and a radically up-leveled life as a result of the support you'll receive.

But that's not all! As a participant, you'll also receive four incredible bonuses to further support you in achieving exceptional results for your clients.

This program offers an intimate experience with limited spaces available. Just imagine making a profound impact on someone's life, guiding them to manifest their best possible version, all while creating the life of your dreams—a life filled with freedom, abundance, and impact.

Work from anywhere in the world, create your own schedule and enjoy the flexibility you've always desired. Take back control of your earnings and build a career that truly lights you up.

Connect with like-minded soul sisters who will support and cheer you on every step of the way.

Prepare yourself to experience a deeper level of manifestation than ever before and unleash your potential to earn £5k-£100k a month.

Find fulfillment in the work you do and create a next-level network.

It’s time for you to unleash MORE…





Client Results

The Crystal Codes Manifestation Coach Program is the new paradigm of manifestation. It's not just about waiting for your manifestations to come to life; it's about feeling good on the inside—limitless, powerful, and free—before they even manifest. It's about honoring and processing your emotions—the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's about setting new standards for your life and business, asserting boundaries like a boss. By completing this program, you'll acquire all the tools necessary to support others on their manifestation journeys. And trust me, there's nothing more satisfying than that!

Crystal Codes Manifestation

Unleash the potential to earn £5k-£100k a month. Feel fulfilled by the work you do. Create a next level network 


You'll dive deeper into manifestation than ever before—beyond just the law of attraction. You'll learn how to powerfully manifest your desires and guide clients to do the same.

Moreover, you can apply this knowledge to your existing niche to support even more powerful client results. You'll walk away with an 8-session framework and workshop tailored to your expertise, ready to implement and sell.

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Program Includes

Private online training area

Bi Monthly Group Calls

Real Coaching experience In Your pod

Crystal Codes Coach Certification

Meet Likeminded Manifestation Queens

Activate Your Lucky Girl Syndrome mini Course

(Worth $111)

The Soulful Start Up

(Worth $1111)

My Most Powerful Visualisation and Meditation Scripts

(Worth $222)

Affirmations for Anything

(Worth $111)

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Program Stats

80% of clients went from 'needing more expansiveness in their lives' to '10 out of 10, very expansive, limitless'

73% of clients went from feeling not ready to guide client sessions to 'Absolutely ready!'

90% of clients went from 6 out of 10 in knowledge in manifestation to 10 out of 10

67% of clients said the way they listened and held space improved during the 8 practice coaching sessions within the program

In the wheel of life tool Taken at the start and end of the program 85.9% of clients rated 'confidence' 4 or more points higher than at the start 

In The Wheel Of Life Tool Taken At The Start And End Of The Program 65.7% Of Clients Rated 'Relationships' 4 Or More Points Higher Than At The Start 

In The Wheel Of Life Tool Taken At The Start And End Of The Program 57.1% Of Clients Rated 'Environment' 4 Or More Points Higher Than At The Start 

$600 a/m








the investment


$375 a/m



We begin on October 11th 2023. 

When does it start?

Frequently Asked Questions


The calls will be at 6pm UK time. 


Look I get it. Life can be busy, especially now i'm a mumma. But in committing to this program you're commiting not only to epic client results but energetic upgrades for you. I've been on calls at 4:00am and 12:00am when I wanted to make it work because I knew I was destined for more. And that was my pathway to creating that. There will be replays made available. Make sure to schedule in time to watch these as a requirement to this certification is attending these calls and you don't want to miss out on the incredible manifestation activations.  

can i get a refund?

No refunds are available on this program so please make sure you read the terms and conditions throughly before joining. 

what is the time commitment?

The Crystal Codes Certification program is 6 months. We have 2 x 60 minute group calls a month and we suggest spending around 3 hours on each module. You also have to do 8 hours of practice coaching sessions with your peer group throughout the 6 month program. 

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM other certifications?

Other certifications often just give you a vague understanding of the topic at hand. This will give you actionable exercises, ready to use scripts and a powerful, proven framework to guide your clients through. 

Interest in manifestation has risen + continues to grow exponentially as people realise they can co-create the life of their dreams. We need more qualified experts + guides to support people in their journeys.

Your dream life is waiting for you, along with a business you can build to 7 figures and beyond. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Join the Crystal Codes Manifestation Coach Certification now! 

This is your invitation to be that coach. 

Xo, Alexandria