I support you as a high level leader to step into your limitless potential, maximising your wealth, freedom, happiness and success. I’m ready to walk beside you as you trailblaze a new way of doing things. 

I’m a Business Amplifier, Manifestation Queen + International Speaker.


The sh*t

that lights me up:

Hot premium offers. ‘I’m in’ DMs. Abundant AF days. Insane client results. 

From 6 figure years, to 6 figure months, to 6 figure weeks… and beyond. (Without the paid ads, complicated funnels, or 1000 sales calls). It’s time for you to harness that magnetism, and for scaling your business to feel effortless + without sacrifice: because you set the standards for your next elevation. 

I know you know that you can radically raise your standards when it comes to your life + your business and you’re ready to walk alongside someone who has walked the path. I support women to step into The Legacy Leader + alchemise business results that 'don't make sense'.  I’m ready to amplify every aspect of your business. Because this isn’t just about building a business. It's about building an Empire, a Legacy and a Life without Limits. My work has been featured in Forbes, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and BBC radio whilst living around the world- leaving London for the USA whilst building our dream retreat space + home in Tulum. I run retreats around the world + host the top charting The Soul Yes Podcast. My programs embody my unique approach, combining Manifestation + Strategy to create Quantum Leaps. I previously ran a successful health food business, stocked in Whole Foods, Ocado, Selfridges and Holland + Barrett and was invited to film Dragon’s Den. CEO, Mother, Projector, Amplifier + Legacy Leader.

fun facts

.I was invited to + visited Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson + epic 7 figure entrepreneurs in 2022.

 I’ve lived in London, Costa Rica, Mexico, Miami, + now Austin. When I was 21 I also lived in an Ashram for a month in the jungle (before moving to Australia to do my Business Masters), learning to become a yoga teacher. 

 I’m a Projector in Human Design which means I have a powerful ability to see you. We can connect deeply with people + have an eye for spotting patterns, identifying strengths and reading energy. 

I previously ran a health food business. It started in my kitchen, but within 18 months was stocked in Whole Foods, Selfridges, Ocado, Holland + Barrett (+ more). I even recorded an episode of Dragons Den. 

Reformer pilates, iced matcha (I make an epic iced matcha) + luxe beauty is my vibe as well as rituals, spiritual ceremonies + deep healing experiences. I don’t believe that being spiritual has to look a certain way. 

We are in the process of building our dream home/retreat space in Tulum, Mexico. 



An exclusive private elite level mastermind for women who are ready to build their legacy.




A mastermind for female entrepreneurs, ready to build wealth, expand their impact and create a life of freedom, whilst building their empire in a soulful way. 

This is for the women ready to go beyond what success looks like and to step into being and feeling successful on every level in their life this is the woman who is ready to finesse the design of her life and up level on every level. This is for the woman who is ready to be magnetic and attract opportunities abundance and miracles into her life and business. This is for the woman who is ready for in-person high vibrational experiences and connections. 


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