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I’m back… which means our CEO newsletter is back + better than ever.

This weeks affirmation: Luck is always on my side, and I attract positive opportunities every day.


Whats new…

1. Leo Hunter Wombwell-Povey is here… and I am more in love than I humanely thought possible. I feel like you hear a lot about how hard being a mama is, and whilst it takes some adjusting, I genuinely feel like the experience has been incredible. I feel more present than ever before, my heart has expanded and I even love waking up at 2am to feed him because I miss him when he sleeps.

2. We ran our Legacy Leadership retreat in Mykonos + the vibes were impeccable. We focused on expanding the capacity to receive as well as leadership and the run of sales that started whilst we were there for the women attending was epic. One attendee is now having her biggest month to date in business which shows just how powerful these retreats are. To hear more about our upcoming retreats + experiences, dm RETREAT to and I’ll fill you in!

3. We said yes to something HUGE. Okay, so I can’t fully share this one juuusssttt yet, but let’s just say on the same week as having a baby I made a huge decision. We’ve been having lots of meetings on it since + I am so excited (if not a little impatient) to see it come to life! I promise when I can share, I will!



Manifestation Tip of The Week: 

When you stay somewhere vibey, or eat somewhere with full luxe vibes, take the pen with you. Then when you’re journaling your manifestations, use that pen soaked in the abundance vibes to bring more magic to your words + help you tap into the feeling of your desires.



Moving my body 

Created for a Mama, by a Mama.

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I’m getting back into moving my body after 10 months off. My nausea was real with my HG and exercise quite literally was vomit inducing, but my god I missed it. I couldn’t think of a better way to ease in under expert guidance than with The Push Method. Ashleigh is actually a previous Expansion Mastermind ™ member, and I knew when it was baby time I would be signing up as she just has the most nourishing energy. The sessions are great as they’re only short, but effective and my body is literally loving moving again. Her sessions are perfect if you are pregnant, post partum or just looking to feel good in your body!

Andddd…. Ashleigh has kindly gifted you all 10% off for your first month! Join me in The Push Method here using code: ALEX10



Luxury Accommodation

Kensho, Mykonos 

We stayed at Kensho during the retreat and had the most incredible stay. I was munching on the best Greek salad I’ve ever tasted every day for lunch (a bold claim for a Greek girl) and the team felt like family, especially Nancy who fed us allll the Greek foods + became Leo’s 2nd YiaYia. It was also a pinch me moment to be able to have us, Jake’s mum + also my right hand woman stay with us whilst I ran the retreat. I’m committed to this new way of doing business where I get to be a mama AND a CEO so I can support other women to do the same.




Limitless Linkedin with Adrienne

Podcast Linkedin Episode

This episode of the podcast with Adrienne got me ready to dust off my LinkedIn and dive right into it as a platform for the business. She makes LinkedIn FUN, yeah, seriously and she’s a hoot to listen to as well. LISTEN NOW


Biz Tip of The Week: 

It’s easy to get caught up in the noise of selling + marketing, but if you’re committed to the long term growth of your business you want to have a key focus on client delivery. How could you exceed expectations and go above and beyond for your clients this week to blow them away?



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Sending you love, joy + abundance!








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May 25, 2023

Alexandria Wombwell-Povey



An exclusive private elite level mastermind for women who are ready to build their legacy.




A mastermind for female entrepreneurs, ready to build wealth, expand their impact and create a life of freedom, whilst building their empire in a soulful way. 

This is for the women ready to go beyond what success looks like and to step into being and feeling successful on every level in their life this is the woman who is ready to finesse the design of her life and up level on every level. This is for the woman who is ready to be magnetic and attract opportunities abundance and miracles into her life and business. This is for the woman who is ready for in-person high vibrational experiences and connections. 


"Working with Alex has expanded me so ridiculously much"

 She has expanded me financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel so so seen, so so supported by her, and it's just a gift that keeps on giving, working with her. When I started working with Alex I was probably hitting the 5/10k mark and as soon as I started the first month, I literally went straight to 15k and from there I literally went to hitting 25K consistently. And then since I had reached my highest month which is 50k so it's only growing.
And it's been so powerful with her strategy, her manifestation, and her feminine energy as well."


"Alexandria‘s energy support and expertise has been totally invaluable"

"So, over the past two years, I've been working with Alex and it's been a full body, full on expansion. I can't even tell you the woman I was back when I first ever invested in my first ever coaching experience with Alex. I was scared. I was like, what the heck am I doing? Am I ready? Am I worthy of having my own business? And now I've scaled three six figures with her. I've managed to build my empire and just keep going. And I think I'm a completely different woman. And so much of that is down to Alex's support, Alex's strategy, and Alex's love as a person."

-JULIET, 1:1 Graduate

"My business has expanded in The Expansion incredibly."

"It has gone from a handful of 1:1 clients to being completely sold out of 1:1 clients, to setting up a group programme, I’ve just taken on 2 virtual assistants. It has just expanded in so many more ways than I ever thought possible. I am now organising a retreat. I have 2 new programmes that are about to launch in the next year. As Alex always says, ‘stepping into the CEO energy’, I absolutely have expanded into that and the more I'm in my business, the more I can see how it can expand to help more and more women, it’s just incredible."