About Me

If you enjoy travel, an honest chat, an adventure & want to get inspired, you’re in the right place.

I promise that wasn’t a come on.

AlexandriaMaria.co.uk originally started as ‘BeLondoned.’ Bored at work, and lacking a creative outlet I decided to start a project that could help me feel more fulfilled. I told no-one about the website (I was so scared everyone would laugh!) but I found something I loved, documenting my travels, finding the highlights of London & creating informal restaurant reviews.

Eventually I decided it was time to let everyone in. While I was now publicly letting everyone in to my adventures, I can’t say there was much in the way of ‘useful content.’ I was still writing for personal pleasure and totally happy with that.

It’s only when I started to document the real adventure of life, in an honest and open way, I saw the power of the platform to connect with people in a meaningful way. I rebranded, no longer hiding behind ‘BeLondoned’ and redesigned the website to become a hub for inspiration, with a focus on travel, lifestyle & the journey of being a female founder.

When I’m not eating, travelling or blogging, I’m making CHAM & freelancing. I live in London with my husband Jake, and our cockapoo Bagel.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram, chat to me on Twitter or send any questions via the Contact Page. I’m always happy to help in any way I can!

Always on an adventure….



My background

I originally come from near Manchester and moved to Nottingham to study English when I was 18. I’d never really thought much about travel until this point- summers were spent connecting to our families Greek roots on a small island called Poros which was a dream, so I’d never thought much about exploring beyond that.

When I got to university, lots of my new friends had been on gap years. I was in awe hearing these incredible stories about untouched islands, hikes to see the sunrise, delicious street food, ancient shrines and… lets face it, epic parties on the beach. That first summer I went to China for a month, trekking the Great Wall of China for charity and then travelling around the country. I stayed in homestays with no electricity at night, ate dumplings from street vendors (for 5p), partied in Shanghai, visited the terracotta army & took overnight sleeper trains. I was hooked.

From then on, summer holidays only meant one thing- booking a flight out to someplace new and exploring. I fell in love with Thailand, explored Bali and worked in Corfu. When university ended, I applied for a Masters in Commerce at the University of Sydney and was accepted. Not content with moving to other side of the world, I went on my first solo travel journey beforehand- completing my yoga teacher training in Thailand, before travelling around Vietnam & Laos. I spent 18 months living in Sydney, and got to explore lots of Australia (and Fiji).

Of course, when my studies ended, I was already planning my next adventure. I moved to London for 6 months, but will a full time job on the horizon, I took off by myself again for a ‘last hurrah,’ back to Vietnam but also this time to Cambodia & Japan. Again, I fell more in love with the world and the trip did little to quell my wandering feet.

Up until this point I’d been in part time roles, but now I was joining a graduate scheme that meant total focus. I was lucky in my job, I worked with amazing people & got to explore lots of London (particularly the restaurants and bars). I even got sent to Chicago & New York! But I found that sense of adventure and the desire to explore had never really left, and the longer I stayed trying to fit a mould, the more miserable I felt. Having suffered something akin to a breakdown, I decided to quit my job, to make jam and explore freelance writing options. It also meant I could work from anywhere in the world, which so far has included Bali, Greece, France (and will soon include Mexico)!

I don’t believe anyone should try to live a life that isn’t 100% them. I don’t believe we should live dictated by others opinions, or self imposed rules. I am now completing a health coaching course so I can help others feel their best, and live their best life. Because this life is an adventure, and one that we should get to enjoy…