Best Brunches in Paris: The Hitlist

I am in love with Paris and with it being so close to London, it is one of my favourite cities to spend a weekend in. Weekends for me mean two things however- lazy wake up calls and brunches. I’ve found the best brunches in Paris, meaning you can spend more time sleeping and exploring, instead of hunting out the best breakfast in town.

Best brunches in Paris Hollyberry

Brunching in Paris


To understand Balagan, imagine one of the most beautifully prepared and delicious buffets you’ve ever seen or tasted. Everything (and I mean everything- from the juices to the bread) is freshly prepared and is utterly delicious, show casing the best of Israeli cuisine. I found myself dipping hot, soft bread rolls into spicy shakshuka, between bites of the overnight cooked beef brisket I was using to mop up my aubergine dip. Utter heaven. Just when I couldn’t eat anymore the waitress insisted I try a Mofletta (a traditionally jewish crepe), filled with honey. Delicious.

Best brunches in Paris Balagan

Verdict? The term ‘feast’ replaces ‘brunch’ when it comes to Balagan. €40 might sound punchy for brunch, but it is beyond worth it.

Best brunches in Paris Balagan


I warn you now- there will be a queue! We gave up the first few times thinking ‘we’ll come next time it will be less busy.’ It never was…! We got there eventually on our last trip to Paris, armed with a coffee from O/HP/E round the corner (I highly recommend popping in here, the home wear is to die for). Offering pancakes, eggs with sides and daily specials there is something for everyone on the menu (including vegan chia pudding). We couldn’t resist the look of the savoury stack of pancakes (with fried eggs, bacon, housemade Bourbon butter & maple syrup) or the special which included falafel and poached eggs, and was tasty AF. We also ordered a side of the most delicious asparagus and halloumi, because a girl works up an appetite queuing that long for breakfast. Oh, and don’t miss the Bloody Mary’s- with infused gin they are an excellent way to celebrate finally getting a table.

Best brunches in Paris, Hollyberry

Verdict? Do not get me wrong- this is one seriously good brunch spot, but the lack of reservations and queuing doesn’t feel entirely worth it. They’re opening another shop to cope with the demand which could make going back more appealing.

Best brunches in Paris, Hollyberry

The Savoury Stack of Pancakes

Hardware Société

We discovered this place after one of our attempts at getting into Hollyberry and boy am I glad we did, because it is without a doubt one of the best brunches in Paris. Don’t get me wrong- this place attracts a crowd too, but their brunches really are epic. From the humble croissant, to mushroom toast, to the fried eggs and pork belly with cheesy croquets (a must), everything is delicious and the menu caters to whatever your brunch craving may be.

Hardware Societe, Brunches in Paris

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