The Best Podcasts: Mental Health

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, I wanted to share some of the tips and techniques I have found help me stay on top of my anxiety on a day-to-day basis. One of my new favourite things I have found to help is listening to mental health podcasts. I never used to be a podcast kind of girl- I’m the type of person who changes radio station as soon as any chat comes on and you’re more likely to hear me blasting out Beyonce than Radio 4. That changed when I was recommended to listen to podcasts about starting a business and now I’m hooked. Listening to a podcast is great when you’re feeling down/anxious as it doesn’t require as much concentration as reading (whilst I love reading, it’s something I really struggle to do when I’m not feeling great). If you’re struggling to find time to fit it in, try listening whilst your cooking, commuting, or just getting ready in the morning. To get you started, here are my recommendations for the best mental health podcasts…

Ferne Cotton, Happy Place


Ferne Cotton Happy Place Mental Health Podcast

I remember when my mum bought me Ferne’s book, ‘Happy.’ I was thinking ‘Great, another celebrity jumping on the bandwagon and pretending they know all about what this feels like.’ Turns out I was completely wrong about the book and Ferne’s journey, which was a lesson in itself. I still have the book by my bedside table- it’s such a lovely, relaxing book that always calms me down, whilst providing useful ways to rethink anxious thoughts.

Happy Place‘ the podcast has the same effect on me. Despite it tackling difficult subjects, there is something ever so calming about Ferne joining her special guests for a cup of tea and a chat about how mental health issues have affected them. I have learnt a lot from the guests themselves too, about how to live beyond the limits of your illness.

Bryony Gordon, Mad World

Bryony Gordon's Mad World Mental Health Podcast

Bryony Gordon is another one of those women who proves you can be funny, sociable and likeable whilst still feeling totally mental on the inside. Her book ‘Mad Girl,‘ had

a profound effect on me when I read it and her podcast makes brilliant listening. What is refreshing about the ‘Mad World‘ podcast is the total utter honesty. Bryony doesn’t try to sugar coat her darker moments and yet you will still find yourself laughing along as she interviews various guests about how they tackle mental health issues.


Nobody Panic (previously The Debrief Podcast)

Described as a ‘guidebook to being a fully functioning adult without screaming all the time,’ this isn’t necessarily a mental health podcast per se, but Tessa and Stevie tackle many of the life issues we encounter in order to provide us with more day-to-day calm in ‘Nobody Panic‘. From ‘How to Stop Worrying,’ to ‘How to Be Single,’ the girls enlist the help of experts to provide us some sanity around those moments in life that can send us into a tail spin.

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