Confessions of a unweddingy bride

I have a confession.

I’m really not the most weddingy girl.

I mean don’t get me wrong. I’m overwhelmingly happy about the fact I get to marry Jake. I’d marry him tomorrow- but I think thats the whole issue. I’m so focused on that fact, that months of stress, panic, colour co-ordination, crazy dieting (and therefore in my case, being very hangry) don’t really seem to bear any real relation to that. Every time someone asks me my specific thoughts on something, or if we’ve planned/booked ‘x,y and z’ my face freezes into a panicked glare- I hadn’t even thought about the fact we had to book that yet.


So, that being said, I guess we’re just running off to Vegas & getting hitched right?


Instead, we’re heading back to Greece, to an island I call my other home, to have around 200 of our nearest and dearest (we have big families….) to come and see us tie the knot on a tiny island in a tiny church.

This, at first, may seem completely against what I just said. When we first got engaged I didn’t want to tell anyone for the first few hours so we could just enjoy it without being bombarded by texts and phone calls, facetimes and instagram notifications.

But when we did tell everyone the response was amazing. The amount of love I felt surrounded by increased in a moment I didn’t think could get anymore amazing. Everyone was so excited. And they’re all part of our life, and our story, and the story to come. So to not spend our day surrounded by these amazing people just wouldn’t seem right.

And so the blog is going to have a whole new section- Marry Me. And I’m going to try my best to navigate my way through the world of weddings, colour co-ordination and planning to create the most special day not only for us, but everyone joining us.

That said. If it all goes wrong on the day, I’ll still be smiling…

Couple St. Tropez Boat


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