The Ultimate Air BnB Host Guide

So you’ve decided to list your property? Congratulations! But now where on earth do you begin to stand out amongst the other properties….. Welcome to my ultimate Air BnB host guide!

How to make your listing stand out

  • 20139693_10154695937887409_2862439185907133498_nUse good photos. Daylight works best. If your iPhone photos are still looking a little jaded, bring them back to life using an app such as VSCO or SnapseedDon’t digitally enhance them to the point you don’t even recognise your home. It’s key to be honest  on Air BnB- it is one thing capturing your home’s best side. It’s another to make it out to be something it isn’t.
  • Write an engaging listing title! In the name capture the essence of your space, its best features and location. For example ‘Modern flat in East London with City Views’, ‘Light and Spacious Garden Flat’ or ‘Heavenly Family Home Central London’.
  • Make sure you let them know all about the space. Give more details about the area they will be renting from you. While the pictures do some of the talking, add some colour with your description. That gorgeous kitchen they can see? Now get them imagining cooking dinner in it. That couch? Just how comfy is it? You want your guests to want to be transported to that place.

    Thinking about having dinner here?

  • Highlight transport details. This is key! Whats in walking distance? Driving distance? Tube/train/bus or boat distanceProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset
  • Key to this is also guest experience when they get there. Small but nice touches will make sure those 5* reviews come flying through, making future guests more likely to book. Some ideas? Leave fresh flowers, a fruit bowl or a bottle of wine for your guests to enjoy.

What you need to buy:

You may already have this stuff, but if not there’s a few essential bits of kit we were told to buy and it really has made all the difference. Regardless of what you list as available on your listing, people will expect a certain level from your property:

  • 2 towels per person– a bath towel and a hand towel. We also provide a face towel. Make sure you have a spare set as well. So for example if your listing is for 2 people, have 4 sets. This means that if you have one booking after another you don’t have to panic about having to speed wash them in between. There’s lots of options depending on the quality you want- we went for the first lot and they’ve been great so far:

  • 2 sets of bedding. As per the rule with towels it is so much easier to have a spare set of bedding incase you need to perform a speedy change over
  • Shower gel and shampoo– with so many people flying with the strict hand luggage limits make things a little bit easier for their arrival
  • A hairdryer– the women (and some of the men) will thank you. There’s loads of options for around the £10 mark:

    • An iron & ironing board
    • Basic washing up liquids
    • Tea & coffee
    • Spare toilet roll
    • A key less lock box if you won’t be there to greet guests. This means if there is any delays, they can still access the property without you missing your dinner with friends.

It may also be worth buying a couple of spare locks or having them fitted, so you can remove any items you are worried about being damaged. When we rent out our property we actually lock our bedroom and just rent out the two spare rooms. We also use bike locks (!) on our hallway cupboards, and store any other bits and pieces that need keeping out of the way.

What you need to remove:

  • Any items you are worried about being broken. We have an ornate carving and a few pieces of art lying around normally at home. While they aren’t expensive, we would rather save the drama of them being broken so we put them away before guests arrive.
  • Any food you don’t want eating. If you are going to leave food and would like it left alone, put it on one fridge in the shelf and politely label it. We initially tried to leave just one cupboard for our guests to use but it got a bit lost in communication and our food got munched away!17201449_10154322896442409_8397456183547574519_n
  • Just remember- the simpler the better. Not only will the space feel more relaxing for your guests, there is less for you to worry about.

Other top tips….

  • Respond quickly to guests. The quicker your response time, the better your response rating= happier guests and more bookings
  • Keep your calendar updated. Keep adding those dates your property is available to get those booking.
  • Be flexible. Things don’t always work out the way you plan when travelling, so be easy on guests if they have a delayed flight or need a slightly later check out.
  • If you can’t be bothered- get a host! The hosts are amazing. They will answer messages, greet guests, arrange for your home to be cleaned… they’re basically superstars! Find them via Air BnB to find the perfect host from your local area.

Any other questions feel free to contact me!

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