New York Bottomless Brunches

I thought it might have been an image I had entirely made up- or maybe one that had been gradually created through years of American boxsets and films, but I had an image of weekends in New York involving Bottomless Mimosa’s and good food. Luckily, I hadn’t imagined it, and whilst we were in New York managed to track down two. A word of pre warning- I’m glad I had two New York Bottomless brunches over seperate weekends- after thoroughly digracing ourselves at the first one I felt I’d had good training for the second one! (Turns out they do bottomless magaritas on the rocks- I blame the tequila!)

New York Crossing


The first bottomless brunch we went to was at Agave in Greenwich Village. After a little bit of drama with the doorman (turns out ID is kind of a bit deal in America…) we made it to the table and got started on the drinks.

New York Bottomless Brunches Agave

We started on Frozen Margaritas, before moving onto Mimosas. The food might not have been instagram pretty, but it was tasty as hell. I went for the Breakfast Burrito… it was the perfect start to a long drinking session, filled with beans, eggs, cheese and salsa.

As luck would have it the slushy machine broke, and this meant margaritas on the rocks all round… I have to confess, on reflection this was very unlucky. You see, frozen margaritas are hard to drink fast as it leads to terrible brain freeze. Margaritas on the rocks though are a different matter- they were slipping down far too easily.

New York Bottomless Brunches Agave

As we left Agave we managed to befriend a group of girls on another table (they’re saved in my phone as ‘Atlanta Girls’- we obviously didn’t get to first names but did manage to exchange numbers…) before stumbling into a bar across the road. Here we managed to ‘accidentaly’ steal a guys drinks (who preceeded to steal them back) and got kicked out of two bars before deciding maybe it was time we went back to the hotel for a bit. This followed with a taxi journey with me blasting out broadway tunes in my terrible singing voice to distract the taxi driver from my friend having her head out of the window for some ‘fresh air’. If I had an image of New York brunches being cool, we had destroyed them all.

On the plus side, we really got our moneys worth….

Round 2: Poco

New York Bottomless Brunches Poco

Keen to redeem myself from the weekend before, it was time to try the New York Bottomless Brunch again- this time at Poco in Alphabet City. Serving organic food, they call themselves NYC’s favourite boozy brunch. A recommendation from an ex- New Yorker, I was excited, and obviously got straight into the drinks- bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Sangria.

New York Bottomless Brunches PocoNew York Bottomless Brunches Poco

Poco had a great vibe- fairly small they were ready for Valentine’s Day with cute love heart decorations scattered around. Feeling a little jaded from the night before, we went for “The Cure”- a traditional Mexican cure for a hangover (apparently- but I’m happy to go with that): crispy tortillas with salsa verde, queso blanco, topped with scrambled eggs and pulled chicken salad. Feeling naughty we also got a Lobster Mac’n’Cheese- I have no regrets- with big chunks of fresh lobster covered in a 3-cheese blend, topped with crunchy panko.


I am pleased to report I managed to leave this brunch still walking… And still thirsty for another drink. We headed to Beauty In Essex  (an amazing bar/restaurant hidden behind a pawn shop), drunkenly raided WholeFoods (rock and roll) and walked up enough of an appeitite to head to Katz for the best sarnie of my life.

New York Bottomless Brunches- I redeemed myself in the end!

For more info on Agave Greenwich Village, visit them here:

Poco, Alphabet City:

Beauty & Essex, Lower East Side:

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