Strutt & Cluck, Spitalfields

Turkey has it’s day of glory every Christmas Day as the centre of the traditional Christmas Dinner, and yet disappears into obscurity for the rest of the year. That was, until Strutt & Cluck came about. Originally a pop up, the  Shoreditch based Eastern Mediterranean restaurant focuses on grilling and roasting fresh and healthy vegetarian dishes and….yep, you guessed it, Turkey. If you’re ready to end your one night stand with Turkey and get committed, Strutt & Cluck will help you see it in a whole new light…

Strutt & Cluck

Sticky Wings

Strutt & Cluck is one of those great shared dining experiences, with multiple small dishes for the table. We shared a number of dishes: the Sticky Wings , smothered with harissa and honey, topped with sesame seeds and crispy rosemary; the Far East Middle East Lettuce Cups of hand-pulled turkey, bean sprouts and spring onion smothered in smokey harissa sauce, topped with roasted almond, pomegranate seeds and labneh; and Charred Cauliflower, with lemon zest infused creme fraiche, pomegranate mollasses and seeds. I’m a real fan girl of the humble cauliflower at the moment, so it is no surprise the cauliflower was a particular favourite of mine….


Charred Cauliflower


Sweet Potato Sides

All the food was beautifully presented, and the cocktails were no different…


Pistachio Cocktail

It was Friday after all. And whilst we were at it we thought there was no harm in trying the deserts: a rich chocolate cake, and a lighter fruitier cake topped with passionfruit and yogurt.


Turkey- you’ve surprised me, and I applaud you for it.

Strutt & Cluck:

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