Same Same but totally different… Som Saa

My obsession with Thai food started long before I ever visited the country. My 6th form days included twice weekly shifts at the Chili Banana in Wilmslow.  The people I worked with were amazing, teaching me not only my way around the restaurant and bar, but teaching me Thai words and increasing my spice tolerance! Before and after work we would have staff meals and it was then I discovered just how incredible and fragrant Thai food can be.

Needless to say, having since visited the country numerous times, my love for Thai food has only grown, so I was excited to be hearing great things about Som Saa. Starting as a (hugely successful pop up), it has now taken residence in Spitalfields and does not disappoint.

Nahm dtok pla thort (whole deep fried seabass with roasted rice and isaan herbs) was a particular favourite- not only looking incredible but tasting it too. Old favourites such as Som tam thai (bangkok style green papaya salad with snake beans, dried shrimp, peanuts and cherry tomatoes) were actually rare (put it this way- there was no green curry on the menu) and instead it encouraged us to try new dishes, such as Gaeng hung lay (burmese style curry of pork belly and shoulder with pickled garlic and fresh ginger) and coconutty prawns.

If you think you know Thai food, Som Saa encourages you to think again, and you will be thankful for it.

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