Thailand: Railay Bay & Phi Phi

Having explored the beautiful Myanmar, we decided we were due some beach (and partying) before we headed back to London. With fond memories of the Thai Islands, we decided to head over for a few days to end our trip in the perfect way…

Pulling up to Railay Beach, we knew we had made the right decision. Silhouettes of the stand alone rocks and palm trees against the beach made it look like paradise. We spent our first day taking in the beautiful beach views and relaxing after our busy two weeks travelling Myanmar….


For dinner that night we headed down the front. Away from the hotels are smaller bars and restaurants, and we settled for one where we could sit on the beach, drink a coconut and eat way too much delicious Thai food…


As we didn’t have much time left for our trip, we decided to leave our big bags on Railay Beach and head to Phi Phi for 2 days to enjoy some of the Thai nightlife. Having visited the Thai islands before, Phi Phi stood out as my favorite for parties on the beach. Last time I even tried out a bit of fire breathing….


Fire breathing on Phi Phi

We spent the day being lazy (again), sunbathing on the beach, buying tie dye items of clothing (my obsession is real… ) and sipping frozen pina coladas. Bliss.



No, it is not a healthy smoothie- it’s a frozen Pina Colada

We started our night out at Run KPP (DoJo Bar), a famous spot in the center. Buckets in hand, we played a round of Beer Pong (in which I beat my boyfriend with 5 cups to spare, I think he was both proud and mortified). After the Buckets set in, we headed to the beach to enjoy the fun.


Beer Pong @ Dojo Bar

Heading back to Railay beach, holiday blues set in early. We’d had the most incredible few weeks exploring Myanmar and fun filled relaxation in Thailand. The first time I went to Thailand I never thought I’d be lucky enough to go again, and here I was for the third time in this incredible place. As we watched the sun go down, we vowed that we would be back in no time at all….


Thailand- until next time…

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