Oliver Maki, Part 2

After having such an incredible meal the first time I visited Oliver Maki, I was excited when The Nudge  announced they were collaborating with them again, to bring a  Sake paired menu together. Led by ex-Nobu Las Vegas Sushi Chef  Louis Kenji Huang and co-founder Oliver Zeitoun, Oliver Maki boasts Japanese food with modern twists.

We started with the usual nibbles- bread and olives- Japanese style. The olives were stuff not with pepper but pickled ginger, and the bread was black from the black sesame, served with miso butter.


Black Sesame Bread with Miso Butter

This was soon followed by the fresh tasting Seaweed Chukka Salad…


Next up was the Scallop and Crab Tiradito. Delicate tasting, it exemplified just how good Oliver Maki’s modern twist on traditional Japanese food.


This was of course followed by the Nudge Jewel Box (an omakase of sushi)- four drawers of delicious sushi, some even ‘smoked’, so when you pull out the draw the sushi lets out a magical haze.

While the Plum Chicken was delicious, it was the Gindara Black Cod Shiitake which was my favourite of all the courses…


Gindara (Black Cod) Shiitake

We of course finished with the Terrarium Tiramisu- a match twist on a classic.



Terrarium Tiramisu

The desert also meant my favourite type of Sake being served- sparkling Sake. Light tasting, I always think of it of a Japanese Prosecco (if you’re interested in trying it you can alway order some from the Japan Centre: https://www.japancentre.com/en/products/4323-shochikubai-shirakabegura-mio-sparkling-sake)

It was another magical meal and I will no doubt be back again.

Oliver Maki is in Soho, find out more and book here: http://www.olivermaki.co.uk 

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