Venice- Burano

When I had told people we were visiting Venice, I had a lot of people recommend Burano. It seemed a strange idea at the time… I knew Venice was connected with canals, but the thought of getting a boat to a whole different part in our 4 day trip seemed a little extreme.

I’m glad I listened to them though.

The boat to Burano from Venice takes around 45 mins (and it certainly isn’t on a gondola), but take a book and relax because the incredible Burano awaits.


Pesting on the boat over

Burano is an island in the Venetian lagoon, and is famous for its lace & gorgeous coloured houses. As a fishing town, it feels more ‘lived in’ than Venice, and while still touristy, it is easier to find quiet roads of pretty houses to wander around in peace.


After spending some time wandering around (whilst eating Gelato… guilty), we stopped at a small restaurant bar to have a bottle of wine in the sun, and watch the world go by.


Burano was a relaxing break away from the hustle of San Marco square, and picture perfect.

The express ferry from Venice’s San Zaccaria, to Burano and Murano (famous for the glass!), takes 45 minutes, and costs €6.50 per person. If you want to do it in style, take a water taxi!

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