Oliver Maki- Soho


I’m a really big fan of the “girl date”- dressing up, going out and treating yourself to a special evening. Oliver Maki was one of those nights. I have been obsessed with Japanese cuisine since visiting last year, and my friend is even more of a fan.

We started with a refreshing lychee cocktail and fried kaki (deep fried oysters). As someone who is not a fan of oysters (in my one and only experience I was encouraged to “chew” it and I have never quite recovered)- I was dubious, but it was delicious, as were the fresh salmon lettuce tacos which followed.

Up next was a rich soft shell crab curry, zesty ceviche and what I can only describe as a magic forest haze salad, which smoked like a magical potion at the table.


Oze and Sam Maki


Salmon and Seabass Nigiri

The beautiful presentation continued throughout the meal-creating an incredible multi sensory experience.


Matcha Tiramisu

After our matcha tiramisu and yuzu sorbet, we ended the meal with a delicate sparkling saki which felt something like  a Japanese Prosecco. It was the perfect end to the most magical evening, and I can’t wait to go back.


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